Step 3: Blog appearance in the page

Editing “Blog” in the “Ultimate Menu”

After creating the blog posts and the blog categories (Step 1 & 2) go to PlazaThemes Dashboard>Ultimate Menu>Edit (Both for “Horizontal Menu 01” & “Mobile Menu 1”) as shown in the picture below.

In order to remove the drop down arrow you have to delete the blog from the Ultimate Menu and re-install it. In order to do this, click the “X” button in the Blog section.

After deleting it, add a new tab by clicking the (+) button:

Fill in the Textboxs accordingly,

Add blog in the Layout Composer.

Go to PlazaThemes Dashboard>Modules>Edit Home Page & Mobile Home page.

In the 2nd block, above New Arrivals and Best sellers you have to add the Blog, so click the (+) button in that block.

Select your blog from the list of features.

And then drag and drop your blog to the top of the block.

Click Save.


Your Blog will appear like that in your page, just below your banners.

Notice that the drop down arrow has disappeared as well! 🙂

Good Luck!


Creating Options
Choosing Type

The Choose Type lets the customer select specific option values. Among these choose types are the following sub-types:

  • Select: Provides a drop down box where the customer must select an option value.
  • Radio: Select-able icons with the option values. Only one radio selection can be made; clicking another selection will deselect the previously clicked option and move it to the current selection. 
  • Checkbox: Multiple option values can be checked at once.
  • Image: Gives a radio selection next to small uploaded images.
Adding Options to the Product

Not all options will show up when the first list appear, you will need to search for different options:

When you choose the option you have you have to add the first variation.

Points and Weight can be filled in case are known.

The Quantity MUST BE FILLED UP, otherwise the options won’t ́t be available on the website

User Access

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Based on what you sell and your business strategy, you might want to add more users in the control panel of your online store.

Who can control my e-shop?

Who controls your online store is one of the most important parts of your business. For security reasons, in order to create additional accounts for Users in your e-shop you have to contact UENI’s Customer Support services. A dedicated analyst will then help you add more users as controllers of your shop. Each of them will be able to modify your shop, change the layout, add/delete products and all the actions that a Shop Owner can make.

Just contact us at or go straight to and create a new ticket.

How to edit a Product Image?

Changing product images is a very simple process, following the steps below you will be able to change it.

Go to Catalog > Products

Choose the product that you want to change the image and click on edit

Click on the tab “Image”

Click on the image you would like to change and after press edit

Create or select a folder where the new image will be saved

We recommend creating a new folder where you can easily find all the new images you will insert.

To create a new folder just click on the folder button, insert a name for the folder and press the “+” button.

The new folder is created just give it a double click and you can now be inside the folder and upload the new image.

Click on the click below to upload the image

Select the file you want from your computer and double click on it.

Click on the image to select it

The new image is now selected, when you save the page it will take the place from the older one.

Save the page

and check your shop to see the new image


Theme Editing.

Themes are templates that can improve your e-shop’s appearance. They play a big role in how the customer feels about your online store and usually they define the first impression to your client. A different theme will be used for an online store about cosmetics from a store about computer hardware and electronics.

You can edit your theme from the editor. Change colours, titles, number of columns in a page and adjust all features to your personal style.

How to configure your Google Analytics account on your Shop.

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Go to Extensions > Extensions

Chose from the droplist “Analytics”

Select edit

Paste the Google Analytics Tracking Code copied from your Google account.

The code is similar to the one on this image:

Save it.

If you don’t have a Google Analytics account yet just click on the blue notice inside the dashboard (as per the image below) or signup on Google’s website clicking on the button below:

How to add a Static Sidebar banner (category section)

You can add a Static Side Banner in each category section. Example below:

In order to do that you have to access the Static Sidebar section from the PlazaThemes Dashboard Section in the Modules tab.

Scroll down and locate the Plaza Static Block section. Click “Edit” in the Static Sidebar option (the one without any number) as seen below:

Adding pictures in the description box

Follow these steps in order to add the pictures in the description box:

  • Create banners in the suggested size (270×348)
  • Save the banners in Your Computer
  • Click the image button in the Description area (picture 1)
  • Upload your banners to the image manager
  • Select the banner image
  • Keep adding up to 3-4 banners the one below each other.
Picture 1