23 Steps to make your new online shop take off

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

You just received your new e-commerce website and you’re excited to start selling.

So, it’s time to roll up the sleeves and start making your website visible to all your potential customers.

Golden Rule N.1 Before anything…the golden rule: do not start messing about with your theme and layout until you have completed these tasks. We deliver our shops with a very well thought and tested appearance, which we know will work best to convert your visitors into customers.

2) Connect your site to Google Analytics
Here you can analyze your website traffic and gain powerful insights about visitors to your site. This data can improve your marketing efforts and ultimately increase the number of visitors that become paying customers.

How to connect Google Analytics?

3) Connect your online shop to your Facebook account
This displays all the products from your shop straight to your Facebook page, creating a “Shop” tab on your FB page. (Feature not available for e-Commerce Lite Plan, upgrade now)

How to Facebook to UENI SHOP?

4) Give your product descriptions some love.
‘Homemade ceramic teacup’ sounds much better than ‘teacup’ – and it boosts the perceived value. Additionally, detailed descriptions give you a much better chance of ranking in Google.

How to add products or edit description?

5) Get free traffic using your social media.
Share a link to your shop or a specific product page that you are selling on Facebook groups, Instagram posts and stories, and encourage friends and family to take a look at your site.

6) Create and offer a discount code as an initial gift for your launch day. Promote this code through your social media channels and create a buzz about your products.

How to create discount coupons?

7) Add your website URL to all your personal profiles on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin. This action helps to improve your website authority with search engines (meaning you’ll rank higher).

8) Find blog posts where you can add value and answer readers’ questions with content from your website (such as your blog posts). Leave comments on these blog posts there linking back to relevant posts from your site. If you do this tastefully, you’ll see an increase in traffic to your site.

9) Make an authentic connection with your desired audience, consistently giving them high-quality content. Poorly written blogs and unoriginal marketing campaigns may have a negative effect on your brand. For example: if you share your product pages on a Facebook group or on a blog post, please ensure your comments are relevant and not “spammy”.

10) Focus on your personal network of friends and let them know you have an online shop. Send messages to your groups on Whatsapp and share your business and its story. Once again, avoid spamming!

11) Be active in online communities such as Reddit, Facebook groups and all other forums related to your industry. Become a frequent user, help other members, and when the time is right share your products to help people with their pain points.

12) Advertise online. allocate some of your budget to online advertising. If you know your audience and want to get straight to the point, use Facebook Ads. If your products are related to niches like fitness, food or clothing, you can advertise on Instagram and get great results. Millennials are a good audience to attract with this Instagram.

13) Google Adwords – Research high value, low-cost keywords related to your products, make an appealing advertisement that speaks to your audiences hopes, dreams and desires.

This particularly recommended for products that are trending or have high search volumes. You can sync your shop with Google Shopping and Google Ads with the extension provided. Follow the instructions to complete the Google Shopping onboarding.

14) Create new blog posts with information your audience will value. This needs to be a minimum of 300 words and start with a relevant title to be found by the search engines.
How to create blog posts?

15) Write content as a guest author for other blogs and link back to your website.

16) Ask for a product review from a blogger in exchange for a free product.

17) Find an influencer to advertise your products on their social media accounts. Influencers marketing is often a cheap and effective way to boost your sales quickly.

18) Promote your business offline: attend events where your audience will be present and start engaging conversations, giving people information about your online shop and asking them to check out your site.

19) Offer free shipping for orders above a certain amount. This incentivizes bulk orders – great for the customer, great for you!

20) Set up promotions to generate Fear of Missing Out, and have people rushing to get your time-sensitive deals. Your shop is equipped with a time-limited offer feature.

How to setup Fear of Missing Out?

21) Send emails informing your audience about new products or products that are on sale for a limited time. Use the newsletter feature to re-engage customers – after one purchase, a customer is significantly more likely to buy from you again.

How to create Newsletters emails?

22) Add a video demonstration for every product and publish it on your product page, and share it on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube (make sure to link back to your online shop).
How to insert videos in the product description?

23) Collect testimonials from your customers to showcase these on your site. Testimonials increase trust, and people buy from those they trust. Make sure to get a customer photo for added credibility.

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