How to add payment methods icons to the page footer

How to add payment methods icons to the page footer

  1. Download the image below

2. Go to your UENI Shop Dashboard and login using your credentials:

3. Click on PlazaThemes Dashboard

4. Go to Modules

5. Scroll down to Plaza Static Block > Footer About Us
6. Click to edit (blue pencil icon):

7. Insert the payment logo image in the text box, clicking on the image icon:

8. Click on Upload

9. Select the image from your computer double-clicking on it:

10. Find the image you just uploaded (click to in this icon to jump to the last page)

11. Select the image clicking on it:

12. Arrange the image position within the text:

13. Save your changes clicking on the blue icon:

14. Go to your shop page and see the result:

Well done, you have now inserted the payment logos on your page 😊

How to setup Fear of Missing Out for a Product

Another great tool to push the sale is the “fear of missing out”, where you create the sense of urgency which makes the buyers act faster to guarantee that offer.

The first step is to go to Catalog -> Products and select the product you want to create a fear of missing out for. After doing this click on the ”discount” button as shown in the following image.

By adding a new discount you click on the blue button in the bottom right corner.

To create the fear of missing out only the cost and beginning & end date need to be filled in. To do this correctly you fill the discounted price at ”price” and fill in the beginning and end date of the discount in at the ‘date start’ and ‘date end’. this will look somewhat like the following image.

finally after filling in these three and saving the changes, it will look like this.

How to insert videos on a product description

To add a video to the description of your product you first go to Catalog -> Products and click on the blue button at the product you want to add the video to. You will be directed to the following page.

As shown in the image a video can be added by clicking on the video image in the menu of the product description. After clicking on this button the following page will show up.

Copy the url of your (Youtube) video and paste it in this block. When this is done the settings page will look like this

Following these steps will make sure to add a video to your product description

Don’t forget to save the new settings/changes.