Correct Image Sizes and Image Formats

Image Sizes

Images you want to add on your shop will not get in the right size automatically. Therefore, it is critical to put your image in the right size before adding it to your shop. The sizes for each of the image types are shown below:

Logo → 150 x 150 

Banner → 1920 x 800

Blog Posts → 370 x 253

Image Formats

The second thing you need to make sure is that your image is in the right format before adding it to your admin. The image formats which will need to be used are PNG and JPJ image files. 

Tip when uploading images

When you upload images avoid using the same name for the images. When different images have the same name, only one or none of the images will be uploaded to your shop.

How to add Product Options

Go to Catalog -> Options

By creating options to your products you can give more definition to the products you are selling. Examples of these options are colour options, size options, etc. Options can be created and added as per the following: 

  1. Go to Catalog -> Options

There are some default options in place already that can be used if wanted. If not, you can create your own options. 

  1. Click on the blue ‘’Add New’’ button in the right top corner. 
  1. Write the desired option name in the mandatory ‘’Option Name’’ textbox.
  1. Choose an option type you want to use for this option.

Most used option types are: Select, Text and File. 

  1. Make your own options as per your type of option you choose. 

As an example a clothing product with different Size options is used. 

  1. Go to Catalog -> Products and choose a product you want to add your options to. 
  1. Go to the Options tab and choose the option you want (in this example we use the Size options).
  1. Add Option Values in the low right corner. 

Make sure that your options have:
– The correct Options Value
– Make sure you put at least 1 at the quantity. When this is not done the product will be set to be out of order and customers can’t see the options when trying to buy your product. 

  1. When you want to set a higher or lower price for different options you fill in a Price with the + or – whether you want the product to be more expensive or cheaper. The difference in price will always be taken in relation to the original price of the product. 

How to use Canva to Resize your Images

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Create your own design with the custom dimensions you want. For the specific E-commerce image sizes you should use the following dimensions 
  • Logo → 150 x 150 
  • Banner → 1920 x 800
  • Blog Posts → 370 x 253
  1. Swipe your image file towards your Canva tab so it will be added to ‘Uploads’ and swipe the image towards your custom image dimensions. Your image will show up in the block smaller than the block. By clicking on the image and increasing the image size towards the right and beneath you will get the image in the dimensions you want. 


When using a light image as a banner there is a chance of your letters or words falling away in the light colors of your image. By clicking on the image and clicking on ‘Adjust’ in the left top corner you can adjust the brightness of the image. By decreasing the brightness the image will get darker which will result in white text being easier to notice and read.

Advanced Mode

You can toggle between the default and advanced mode dashboard view.

We advise that you familiarise yourself with the default view before switching to the advanced view. The default/simple view of your dashboard has all the tools you need to manage your shop effectively. 

Only use the advanced view if you are extremely comfortable navigating complex software.

How to change Colours & Text Fonts

Go to Theme > Font & CSS in the Menu.

You can configure the colour of the buttons and the fonts used on your store.

To change the colours you will have to input a colour code. You can use any online tool to get the correct code for the colour you have chosen.
This can be done here at

Just copy the code and replace in the color field.


If you go to Global Font and select a different font in the drop-down menu, the changes made here will be reflected in every body of text througout your shop.

Heading Title

In Heading Font, you will be able to change the font for all Titles in your Shop.


This field allows you to change the colours of your links.


The same rules are applied here to the button colours.