How to Activate PayPal Payment

Use the instructions below to activate PayPal module.
We use the newest version of opencart, so you can access this feature going to:

Select “Payments” in the droplist and scroll to

After adding the ”PayPal Payments Standard” method by clicking the following green button:

Next step is to press “edit”

it will take you to this tab, where you will configure the PayPal module:

To fill this module correctly the next steps should be followed.

1. The E-mail should contain the e-mail address used for the Paypal account of the business owner.

2. Always make sure the ”Transaction Method” is changed to Sale where it is always set at Authorisation before adjustments.

3. Make sure the Status is ”Enabled” so the Paypal is activated as payment method.

4. Click on ”Order Status” like the following.

5. Make sure to match every Status in the ”Order Status” with its corresponding type of status.

Completed Status -> Complete.
Denied Status -> Denied.

Save changes.

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