How to add a Category to the top menu

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Go to Theme > Ultimate Menu > Horizontal Menu 01 in the Menu.

If you want to add a new category to the top menu, first you will have to create it in this section.

  1. Click on the “+” button on the lower part of the screen
  2. Complete the Name field with the name of the category you previously created in Catalogue > Category
  3. Change the Status to Enabled
  4. Complete the Title field with the same Name of the category
  5. In Link, leave it as Custom Link and in the lower box add /name-of-the-category

E.g: If the name of your category is Men’s Shoes you must enter:


Notice that you must start with / , you must use instead of space and all word must be in lower case

Then, just save your work and repeat the same steps in Theme > Ultimate Menu > Mobile Menu 01

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