How to Add Categories

Category Overview


In the default theme of the store front, parent categories are listed in the top menu of the home page, and on the left side of product pages. This navigational feature is used to guide customers to similar products within the same category. Exposing customers to different products within a category lets the customer compare the similarities and differences between products to make the most informed purchase. When adding products to the store, you will be asked for a product category to sort them in. It is a good idea to establish these categories before adding products, to save yourself the trouble of adding the category name to the products later.


When adding a product without a product category, the product will not show up under any categories in the front end of the store. The product page can only be accessible if the customer types in the product name, one of the product tags in the search box, or visits the product through a manufacturer page. If you want this product to be more visible to your customers in the store front, we suggest that the category is created prior to adding the product.
  1. Adding New Categories
    For adding new categories you need to go to “Catalog”>Categories>Add New Category using the “+” sign:

You will be directed to the first tab “general” there you can insert:

  • category name
  • description
  • meta tag title
  • meta tag keywords

After finished, click on tab “data”.

Click on the tab SEO to create a unique URL for this category

After this you can save your work using this button: 

Note: When adding a new product or new category, sometimes it gets duplicated after saving. So just select one of the duplicates and delete it. This is a recurring error originating from Opencart. 

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