How to add Product Options

Go to Catalog -> Options

By creating options to your products you can give more definition to the products you are selling. Examples of these options are colour options, size options, etc. Options can be created and added as per the following: 

  1. Go to Catalog -> Options

There are some default options in place already that can be used if wanted. If not, you can create your own options. 

  1. Click on the blue ‘’Add New’’ button in the right top corner. 
  1. Write the desired option name in the mandatory ‘’Option Name’’ textbox.
  1. Choose an option type you want to use for this option.

Most used option types are: Select, Text and File. 

  1. Make your own options as per your type of option you choose. 

As an example a clothing product with different Size options is used. 

  1. Go to Catalog -> Products and choose a product you want to add your options to. 
  1. Go to the Options tab and choose the option you want (in this example we use the Size options).
  1. Add Option Values in the low right corner. 

Make sure that your options have:
– The correct Options Value
– Make sure you put at least 1 at the quantity. When this is not done the product will be set to be out of order and customers can’t see the options when trying to buy your product. 

  1. When you want to set a higher or lower price for different options you fill in a Price with the + or – whether you want the product to be more expensive or cheaper. The difference in price will always be taken in relation to the original price of the product. 

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