How to edit a Product Image?

Changing product images is a very simple process, following the steps below you will be able to change it.

Go to Catalog > Products

Choose the product that you want to change the image and click on edit

Click on the tab “Image”

Click on the image you would like to change and after press edit

Create or select a folder where the new image will be saved

We recommend creating a new folder where you can easily find all the new images you will insert.

To create a new folder just click on the folder button, insert a name for the folder and press the “+” button.

The new folder is created just give it a double click and you can now be inside the folder and upload the new image.

Click on the click below to upload the image

Select the file you want from your computer and double click on it.

Click on the image to select it

The new image is now selected, when you save the page it will take the place from the older one.

Save the page

and check your shop to see the new image

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