How to change the Text in the Banner Image

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Go to Theme > Sliders Management in the Menu.

If you want to change the text that appears over the banner you must follow the format presented by default. DO NOT DELETE THE TEXT, otherwise you will lose the code that runs behind it. If you deleted it you can go to the last box shown as [    ] in the writing field and paste this:

<h5 class=”text1″>xxxxxxxxxx</h5>

<h3 class=”text2″>XXXXX <br>


<p class=”text3″>xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx</p>

Then, replace the ¨x¨ with your text.
For a better result, we suggest to use only capital letters where you see the capital Xs and to write your motto or slogan normally where you see the small xs.

Here is an example:

<h5 class=”text1″>Welcome to</h5>

<h3 class=”text2″>JOE´S <br>


<p class=”text3″>The best online Shoes Store</p>

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