How to create Discount Code

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Go to Marketing > Coupons > in the menu.

You may create and designate coupons to specific products or product categories.

The Coupons page will display a list of all the coupons created in the administration.

Editing or inserting a coupon will lead the administrator to a form containing the following fields:

Coupon NameA descriptive name for the coupon.
CodeA code that the customer needs to enter in the shopping cart to use the coupon in the store front.
TypeThe discount can be a fixed amount off, or a percentage off from the total amount.
DiscountThe number taken off from the purchase total.
Total AmountThe amount a customer must reach before using the coupon.
Customer LoginSelecting ‘yes’ requires the customer to be logged into their store account to use the coupon. Selecting ‘no’ will let a customer use the coupon as a guest.
Free ShippingSelecting ‘yes’ gives the customer free shipping for using the discount code.
CategorySelecting a product category will apply the discount to all products within that category.
ProductsIndividual products can be selected by entering in the product name in the space provided. To remove a product from the discount, click the red minus button in the product list below it.
Date StartThe first day that the discount can be used.
Date EndThe last day the discount can be used.
Uses per CouponLimits how many times the coupon can be used by customers.
Uses per CustomerLimits how many times a specific customer can use the coupon.
StatusEnables or disables the coupon for use in the store front.

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