How to create Discounts

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Go to Catalog > Products in the Menu.

Choose the product you want to apply a discount on by clicking on the Action Button.

Go to the Discount Tab and fill the following information to include a discount for a product: 

  • Customer Group: A group of customers (made in Sales > Customers > Groups) that meet the criteria to use this discount.
  • Quantity: The limit for the number of products that can apply this discount.
  • Priority: Adding a priority number such as 1, 2, or 3, will determine when this discount will be used when other discounts are applied to a customer’s order. 1 will apply this discount first, while 2 will apply it second, and so on.
  • Price: The discounted price.
  • Date Start: The first date the discount will be applied.
  • Date End: The last date available for use of the discount; the date the discount will end.

Press “Add Discount” once the information has been filled in. Click “Remove” to remove the discount from the product.

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