How to create Sub-Categories

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

You may choose to create a subcategory under an existing category. This feature is very helpful if you want to sell different brands of the same product, for instance, if you sell Mobile Phones and you want to have 2 subcategories such as Apple and Samsung.

Go to Catalog > Categories in the Menu.

Create these categories as normal without ticking top

Step 2: Go to PlazaThemes Dashboard -> Ultimate Menu -> Click on ‘edit’ at Horizontal Menu 01.

To add more subcategories in an already existing top menu category, select the category as per below Step 3: Click on ‘edit (the pencil)’ at Yarn.

Step 4: Click on Menu Content in the left top corner as shown beneath:

Step 5: Make sure to put it on 6 columns.

Step 6: Add your new categories to the main category with the ‘’+ Add Widget’’ button.

As both shown beneath:

Step 7: Click on the pencil in the right top corner of your newly added widget and choose one of the new categories as shown beneath:

Step 8: Make sure to always save when made any changes. 

Step 9: Make sure to have every product linked to the correct category at Catalog -> Products -> (select a product) -> Links -> Fill in the correct category for this particular product. 

How to make more main Categories 

Step 1: Go to PlazaThemes Dashboard -> Ultimate Menu. To add a new main category click on the Add button shown beneath:

Step 2: Fill in the category name at ‘Name’ and ‘Title’. 

Step 3: Click on ‘Hide Link’ at Custom Link (the platform will create a link itself, reason being that the main category doesn’t link to anything except for the sub-categories). When you create a normal category without sub-categories on this page you must link this link to the SEO of your category.  

Step 4: Repeat previous plan in order to add the sub-categories to your new main categories

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