How to Create the perfect Banner for your Shop

Whether you’re creating a Banner for your Shop or one of those little Banners you might have depending on which template you have applied to your E-Commerce store, you might wonder where you should begin.

That’s why we put together this walkthrough of how our customers — at any knowledge level — can use Canva.

Canva is a graphic design platform that allows users to create social media banners, presentations, posters, flyers, documents and other visual content.

Depending on what you want to create or edit, there are some pre established dimensions to every image that you might use at your Shop.

Here we present you a Simple chart with the right size for each situation:

First thing to do then, when you go to Canva webtool is to click in the CREATE A DESIGN button and + CUSTOM DIMENSIONS.

A new box will pop up where you will be able to insert the right values as seen here:

Let’s say we are creating a banner for the LUXURY template. In this case we must use 1920 x 800 for our banner. Input the values and click on CREATE NEW DESIGN.

This will lead you to a new page that is where you are going to create your banner. There you will find very useful tools that make the job very easy.

You can choose from pre-existing Templates, upload your own photos and logos, use Cava’s huge archive of free-to-use photos, many free graphic elements and so on…

Let’s get into the PHOTOS section and pic a good image for a Jewellery Shop as an example.

Now you just have to drag the image to your Canva and it is ready to be edit. You can add text or any other element.

Let’s add a text to it! You can pick on of the example text styles or write it from scratch, it is up to you. Here we will use one of the examples.

Now you just have to edit the text… and once it is done you are ready to download your new banner.

You can take the same steps to create a great Logo, Flyers, smaller banners or whatever graphic content you might need in the future.

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