How to Manage your Shop Main Colours

Go to Theme > Control Panel>Advanced>Stylesheet*

This is an advanced feature so please, mind toggle ON the advance button at the top left part of your dashboard.

UENI Shops offers the functionality to edit and change the default colors of your online store.

Here we will present you the code that must be injected into your page for such changes to take place.

First, let’s get acquainted with the name of each segment and module that it is possible to color edit.


Scroll Fixed


Testimonials Full

Product Thumb

Body (color for the full background)

Ok. Now that we know the parts that make up your Shop, we will present you the code that is self explanatory.
Note that changes must be made in line with the part of the Shop you want to edit.

One last tip:
We suggest that to obtain the code of the specific color you want for the parts of your website, go to, select the color you want and replace it in the code below.

This code must be copied and pasted into the Stylesheet and edited there with the colors you want.


header {

    background: #3BB512 !important;



background: #3BB512 !important;



    background: #000000 !important;


.testimonials-full {

    background: #DCDCDC !important;


.product-thumb .product-item{

    background: #1F2026;


body {

    background: #000000 !important;


NOTE: you will only change the part of the code related to the color code. For example: #3BB512 for the Header.

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