How to set Shipping Rate (per zone, item, order, weight)

Last updated by UENI on 21st May 2020

Go to Extensions > Extensions >  Shippings in the Drop-Down Menu.

The core shipping methods are included with the UENI Shop package.

The shipping methods need to be installed before they can be enabled or disabled for the store. To Install a shipping method, click “Install” under “Action”. Once the shipping method is installed, you can edit the specifications of that shipping method, or uninstall it to remove the shipping method information. You can install as many shipping methods as you want.

Each shipping method needs to be individually edited to meet your shop’s shipping requirements and to specify the prices for that service. 

There are a few details that are present across all shipping methods:

TotalSet the minimum price for selecting this shipping method.
Geo ZoneThe geographical zone that this shipping method is available to. The GeoZone can be created or configured at System > Localisation > GeoZone in the administration.
StatusThe status determines whether the shipping method will be available in the storefront.
Sort OrderThe sort order affects the placement of the shipping method among other available shipping methods. A shipping method with a sort order of 1 will be positioned above another shipping method with a sorting order of 2 in the storefront.

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