How to use Canva to Resize your Images

  1. Go to and set up an account.
  2. Create your own design with the custom dimensions you want. For the specific E-commerce image sizes you should use the following dimensions 
  • Logo → 150 x 150 
  • Banner → 1920 x 800
  • Blog Posts → 370 x 253
  1. Swipe your image file towards your Canva tab so it will be added to ‘Uploads’ and swipe the image towards your custom image dimensions. Your image will show up in the block smaller than the block. By clicking on the image and increasing the image size towards the right and beneath you will get the image in the dimensions you want. 


When using a light image as a banner there is a chance of your letters or words falling away in the light colors of your image. By clicking on the image and clicking on ‘Adjust’ in the left top corner you can adjust the brightness of the image. By decreasing the brightness the image will get darker which will result in white text being easier to notice and read.

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