Localisation Part 2: (Returns, Countries, Zone, Geo Zone)


The Returns section allows you to create the return statuses, return actions, and return reason names that may be selected in return requests. See Returns for more information on how these return names are used.

Video Tutorial

Tutorial is provided by OpenCart Developer, iSenseLabs

Return Status

Return - List

Return Action

Return - List

Return Reason

Return - List

Return Reason can be find in to the store front Returns page, it can be found on Customer Service section on the bottom of store front.

Store Front - Returns


239 countries are stored in the Country section with the OpenCart installation. These countries can be used to estimate shipping and taxes when a customer enters in their location. Each country can be individually disabled, removing them from the store front, by editing them. The countries can be deleted as well. The only issue with deletion of a country is that the country information will be deleted with it. If you wanted to make that country available for shipping, you would have to re-enter the country’s information; whereas enabling a disabled country is easier.

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3948 zones are included with install. Zones are specific regions of countries, such as a state or province. Creating zones helps estimate taxes and shipping in the store front.

add zone backend

Video Tutorial

Geo zone

Geo zones are customized zones used in calculating shipping and taxes. Multiple countries and zones can be added to one geo zone to customize shipping methods.

The geo zone below is used to combine the west cost states of the United States into one zone. The west coast of the US consists of California, Oregon, and Washington states. Each individual state is added by selecting the Country, Zone, then clicking “Add Geo Zone”.

add geo zone backend

See Shipping for more information on how geo zones are used.

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