Creating Options
Choosing Type

The Choose Type lets the customer select specific option values. Among these choose types are the following sub-types:

  • Select: Provides a drop down box where the customer must select an option value.
  • Radio: Select-able icons with the option values. Only one radio selection can be made; clicking another selection will deselect the previously clicked option and move it to the current selection. 
  • Checkbox: Multiple option values can be checked at once.
  • Image: Gives a radio selection next to small uploaded images.
Adding Options to the Product

Not all options will show up when the first list appear, you will need to search for different options:

When you choose the option you have you have to add the first variation.

Points and Weight can be filled in case are known.

The Quantity MUST BE FILLED UP, otherwise the options won’t ́t be available on the website

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