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Product Overview

Products in the administration

Products are the bread and butter of the average OpenCart store. Therefore, it is essential that you learn how to manage your store’s product inventory using the OpenCart administration side. Before adding products, you must make sure that you have all the necessary information about the product you are adding to the store. To get detailed information of your products to your customer, OpenCart requires this information to be gathered beforehand. The more information given to OpenCart about a specific product, the more informed the customer will be about that particular product when purchasing it from your store.

A simplified way of how to add products on your page :

Products overview

The Product section, accessed under Catalog, will display all the products available in the store.

Every row of product will contain the following information:

  • Image
  • Product Name
  • Model
  • Price
  • Quantity
  • Status: Selecting “Enabled” lets the product be visible in the store’s store front. Selecting “Disabled” will remove the product from view.

Checking an individual box in the first column will select the product information within the same row. Once selected, you can choose to “Copy” or “Delete” the product. “Copy” will duplicate the product and it’s information categories. “Delete” will remove the product selection (including its information) completely.

look products

If you would like to look up a product in the product list, you can use “Filter” as a shortcut to search for it. For more information on the Filter tool, visit Filter. Pressing “Insert” in the top right corner will direct the administrator to a form to add new products.

  1. Adding New Products

Note: When adding a new product or new category, sometimes it gets duplicated after saving. So just select one of the duplicates and delete it. This is a recurring error provenient from Opencart. 

Insert products tags in the field above, this is for products to be found inside the internal search of the shop by other words.

E.g. iphone, phone, apple, 64gb

Now jump to “Data” tab.

*Use model provided by manufacturer or create and alternative one



  • Check the link below and watch the video for a complete explanation about the different values:
Creating Options
Choosing Type

The Choose Type lets the customer select specific option values. Among these choose types are the following sub-types:

  • Select: Provides a drop down box where the customer must select an option value.
  • Radio: Select-able icons with the option values. Only one radio selection can be made; clicking another selection will deselect the previously clicked option and move it to the current selection. 
  • Checkbox: Multiple option values can be checked at once.
  • Image: Gives a radio selection next to small uploaded images.
Adding Options to the Product

Not all options will show up when the first list appear, you will need to search for different options:

When you choose the option you have you have to add the first variation.

Points and Weight can be filled in case are known.

The Quantity MUST BE FILLED UP, otherwise the options won’t ́t be available on the website

Possible solution for price option adding problem:

Special Offer

For special offers you can setup the price and quantity in this tab:

After configuring the special promotion we will get something similar to this offer:


First it’s necessary to create a local folder on your computer with the shop name that you are building in that moment:

Save all the pictures/files related to that shop in order to organize the content that will be uploaded to the opencart server:

Separate the content in subfolders, like banners or other things. 

Uploading Images: 

Create 3 folders in the server to organise Pictures, Logo and Banners.

Inside of each folder upload the files to be used:

Select all the items you want to upload pressing “Ctrl” on the keyboard and click “OPEN”

Adding additional images for the same product: If you need to add more images for the same product, then repeat the same process above to add the “Additional Images”.


After all this, do not forget to save the product and then you can add a new one.

Use this button to save

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