Step 3: Blog appearance in the page

Editing “Blog” in the “Ultimate Menu”

After creating the blog posts and the blog categories (Step 1 & 2) go to PlazaThemes Dashboard>Ultimate Menu>Edit (Both for “Horizontal Menu 01” & “Mobile Menu 1”) as shown in the picture below.

In order to remove the drop down arrow you have to delete the blog from the Ultimate Menu and re-install it. In order to do this, click the “X” button in the Blog section.

After deleting it, add a new tab by clicking the (+) button:

Fill in the Textboxs accordingly,

Add blog in the Layout Composer.

Go to PlazaThemes Dashboard>Modules>Edit Home Page & Mobile Home page.

In the 2nd block, above New Arrivals and Best sellers you have to add the Blog, so click the (+) button in that block.

Select your blog from the list of features.

And then drag and drop your blog to the top of the block.

Click Save.


Your Blog will appear like that in your page, just below your banners.

Notice that the drop down arrow has disappeared as well! 🙂

Good Luck!

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